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Anderson Law Group P.A.

About Anderson Law Group P.A.

A Full Service Florida Law Firm

Anderson Law Group- FloridaAnderson Law Group provides our clients with a consultation, including an estimated legal cost for our services. It is our goal to offer exceptional care and attention to each of our clients and to fight for them until we win the case.

We work with our clients and will provide them not only the services of highly skilled attorneys, but legal counseling and guidance as well. We believe our clients deserve courtesy, respect and to be treated fairly in all dealings.

Our reputation is one built on experience, success and the trust that we establish with our clients; for we have successfully handled many challenging cases and have won. As we have a diverse team of attorneys, we can assist businesses, families and individuals with all legal matters we may face.

Anderson Law Group is dedicated to our clients above all else and offer our clientele a free case review over the phone. This review is composed of assessing the case, describing how it will be handled and sending an e-mail containing pertinent information about the case.

The services we offer are tailored to fit the needs of each individual or business. We are well-known for our professional, courteous demeanor and the manner in which we respond to all concerns or questions that our clients have.

We believe that quick, courteous, professional service is an integral part of communicating with our clients. Anderson Law Group will assist our clients with any situation they may have, including negotiating settlements on our client’s behalf. We will do anything it takes to successfully accomplish the goals that our clients wish to obtain.

We are willing to offer a legal clinic to those individuals and businesses that wish to discuss legal matters and learn about what their rights are. In addition, we provide a free legal workshop for people facing foreclosure, custody issues, child support and foreclosure.

The Anderson Law Group has numerous areas of expertise, ranging from personal injury and auto accident law to sports and real estate law. Our specialties are diverse because we know that people need legal assistance for numerous reasons and each of our attorneys are specialized in several different areas. We promise exceptional, personable and reliable customer care to all of our clients, regardless of how large or small that client's case may be.

Client confidentiality is something that we strongly believe in and uphold. We believe that legal assistance should be affordable for all people and are willing to work with anyone who genuinely needs our assistance. All clients who contact us via our web site should expect a timely, professional response from one of our attorneys, as we understand that people in need of legal assistance cannot wait weeks before they are contacted.

We can also be contacted via a number of social networking web sites, as well as over the phone. All inquiries will receive a speedy response, regardless of what method a potential client chooses to contact them.

The Anderson Law Group is committed to fighting for all of our clients, regardless of how small the client may think their case might be. We are driven to succeed in every case we accept and will not stop until we have won. When an individual or company in any of the areas we serve is in need of legal advice or a competent, respected and extremely skilled attorney, Anderson Law Firm is willing and able to work for anyone who contacts them. Even if all a person needs is to have a legal question answered, we will be given the same amount of courtesy and professionalism as a large corporation would.