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Gaila M. Anderson, Esq

Principal Attorney- Anderson Law Group P.A.
Gaila M.Anderson, Attorney- Anderson Law

Gaila M. Anderson - Attorney & Board Certified Specialist


For executive professionals, business owners, realtors, government agencies, real estate professionals and other clients requiring expert assistance and consulting in Real estate matters, Gaila M. Anderson, Esq. brings a wealth of experience.

For more than twenty (20) years, she has earned a stellar reputation for providing skilled, knowledgeable information as a real estate investor, evaluator, examiner, and attorney.

She has been a driving force in the Real Estate industry long before becoming an attorney with a concentration in Real Estate Law. She began studying real estate, the real estate market, its ups and downs, highs and lows, the real estate’s market appreciations and depreciations approximately twenty (20) years ago. In this capacity, she had the opportunity to examine and evaluate real estate properties, buy and sell real estate properties, negotiate prices, financing, contracts, and interact with lenders, developers, and other real estate professionals.

Based upon her long-standing history in the Real Estate Industry, she became a Real Estate and Mortgage Law Attorney, opened a mortgage company, TAAF Mortgage, and became a Florida Realtor.

Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:
· Real Estate Negotiations
· Residential and Commercial closings and claims
· Real Estate Contracts and Proposals
· Title Examinations, Title Searches, and Individual Post Closings
· Foreclosure Defense Representation, Mortgage Document Reviews, Loan Modifications, Deeds In Lieu, Mortgage Loans Restructuring and Short Sales
· Code Enforcement Compliance Representation
· Negotiation in Financing and Leasing
· Zoning Permits and Regulatory Approvals
·Pre construction contract negotiations and development
· Personal Injury
· Family Law
· Bankruptcy
· Criminal Law

Gaila M. Anderson holds a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication from the University of Florida, 1988, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida, College of Law, 1993.

She is a past board member of the South Florida Board of Realtists, Inc. of Greater Miami, Florida. She is a member of the TJ Reddick Bar Association, a Waiver Support Coordinator for APD Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a public service organization, the Broward Attorneys’ Real Estate Council, the Lee County Housing Development Corporation, and a member of the Florida Bar.

She is a certified housing counselor and volunteers in her local community by teaching seminars involving real estate, recognizing distressed properties, “how to own your own home”, affordable housing, housing fairs, “avoiding foreclosure”, and “what is a mortgage, and choosing the lender for me.”

Gaila is notably known as the “most personable and knowledgeable real estate attorney that everyone enjoys working with.”

Contact her anytime, her doors are always open and the Firm of Anderson Law Group, P.A. is always ready to serve with a personable and knowledgeable disposition.

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Getting To Yes!- (A Better Offer!) Gaila M. Anderson

Attorney Gaila M. Anderson is available for media interviews, to conduct workshops, and to be a keynote speaker at conferences on Real Estate, Criminal and Civil Law, Entrepreneurship, and Women in Law. 

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